We do mix , however we do not master. We prefer your music to be mastered by a mastering engineer, in which we do not have on staff. Mastering is another art that requires different applications, skills, equipment, and listening environment. Don’t be fooled by those who say they mix and master and don’t have a dedicated mastering room. We can refer you to a reputable mastering engineer.
Mastering is the final step in preparing your song for distribution. Professional mastering involves taking your stereo mix or stems and applying phase alignment, compression, eq, and other techniques to make your song compete with other commercially released music. It is “NOT” just making the song louder. Mastering engineers use acoustically correct rooms, high quality monitoring chain, and usually high quality outboard gear to accomplish true mastering.
To book time at Goldie Sound Productions you can either give us a call at 850-629-0381 or use our online booking form HERE.
We book all sessions in hourly increments. We will not consider any session under 1 hour. The minimum time allowed for session booking is 2 hours. 
The recording studio is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m.- 10 p.m. This means no sessions will booked after 10 p.m, however if your session was booked prior to or at 10 p.m. you may stay until your session is complete. All sessions are by appointment only. We do not take walk-ins. Some restrictions apply. Call us for more details at 850-629-0381.  
Smoking is not allowed in the studio under any circumstance. We have a dedicated area outside the studio for smoking. Smoke damages the studio’s equipment as well as leaves behind bad odors.